As we delve into the remarkable world of additive masterbatch products, we uncover a treasure trove of possibilities that span industries as diverse as plastics, textiles, and construction materials. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the diverse applications, unique formulations, and transformative potential of additive masterbatch products.

Our additives are more than just components; they are the catalysts for excellence, shaping the way you design, produce, and experience a vast array of materials in the daily lives of others.

Our Product Range


Anti-Fog is used to reduce & prevent the formation of water droplets on films mainly used in packaging and agriculture. Horizon Additives has technically advanced its recipes and formulations in order to achieve the most reliable anti-fogging properties.

Anti-Static additives are added to products to reduce the static charges generated by the products. By reducing static charges, products can be used and handled with ease, reducing complications such as blocking and sticking.

Anti-dust additives are added to various films to reduce a major obstacle faced by farmers which is the reduction in light transmittance caused by the accumulation of dust on greenhouse films.


To combat the degradation of plastic due do oxygen and heat, Anti-Oxidant additives are used. Horizon Additives' experienced team has developed antioxidant formulations offering solutions that not only provide stabilisation but also enhance lifetime performance and prevents oxidation on the film.

Anti-blocking is a term used to describe measures to prevent film sheets from sticking or blocking together. Polyolefin films tend to adhere to each other due to strong van der Waals interactions or electrostatic charges when being in close contact.

Anti-Slip is used to reduce handling issues created due to friction in polyethylene products. Most commonly used in packaging films, our Anti-Slip additives are excellent at reducing & preventing films from sticking and pulling, helping to increase throughput.

IR Blocker
UV Stabilizer
Processing Aid

Most commonly used in Agricultural films, IR Blockers are carefully designed to reduce the sun’s harmful rays, preserving the products properties from degrading while reducing thermal radiation transmission.

U.V. protects the polymers against UV-degradation, avoid discolouration and improves the processibility. UV Stabilizer Masterbatches do not absorb the harmful UV radiations, thus ensuring excellent performance and stabilizing the mechanical properties and elongation.

Polymer Processing Aids are the unsung heroes of manufacturing, silently enhancing the production process and end-product quality. These specialized additives facilitate smoother material flow, reduce friction and sticking and improve mold release, making manufacturing processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Flame Retardant
Mold Release
Transparent Filler

Flame retardant additives are essential components in countless products we encounter daily, from electronics and textiles to building materials. Their crucial role lies in safeguarding against the devastating impact of fires by slowing down or inhibiting the spread of flames.

These specialized additives create a barrier between the material and the mold's surface, preventing adhesion and facilitating the effortless release of the final product. In doing so, they enhance production efficiency while reducing the risk of damage to molds.

The secret ingredient behind achieving clarity, strength and versatility in a wide range of transparent or translucent materials. These specialized additives are designed to reinforce and enhance the properties of clear polymers.